How To Select Right Valve Material

Stainless Steel 304 2 Way Manifold Valves

Choosing the right devices for piping requirements often turns into a tedious task as there are endless options that often confuse the buyer. When it comes to buying valves, one should know the basic functionalities of the valve and what type of valve is suitable for their particular application. This blog will help in solving your dilemma of choosing the perfect Stainless Steel 304 2-way Manifold Valves for your piping specifications and needs. 

A valve is a device installed at the end of a pipeline. This device regulates and controls the flow of liquids flowing out of the pipe. 

Choose the right valve for your plumbing application:

1. Type and Size of the valve:

There are various types of valves available in the market based on the flow they facilitate. Commonly seen types of valve flow functions are:

  • Shut off flow
  • Mixed flow
  • Adjust flow
  • Pressure relief
  • Divert flow

Based on the flow functionalities the types of valves available are:

  • Ball valves
  • Toggle valves
  • Needle valves
  • Metering valves
  • Check valves
  • Relief valves
  • Pinch valves
  • Regulators

2. Type of Materials used:

The material used to make the valve needs to be compatible with the liquids that will flow through it. For example, for simple household pipe valves that regulate the flow of water, plastic or PVC pipes are compatible enough. However, for use in extreme conditions in factories and chemical environments stainless steel valves made from high-grade SS are required.

3. Performance rate:

Based on the temperature and pressure ratings one can easily judge the performance quality of a valve. For heavy flow applications, one should use appropriately sturdy and high-performing valves. Metal valves are known to withstand high pressure and temperature making them highly suitable for heavy-duty applications. 

4. Maintenance requirements:

Considering the maintenance requirements of a valve is extremely essential. Knowing the exact requirements helps in sustainable utility and stability of applications. The best type of valves found is ball valves. They are extremely versatile and require minimal care and maintenance. Ball valves prevent jamming and clogging thus avoiding any malfunctions. 

In conclusion, these are the main things one needs to keep in mind while choosing a valve for their plumbing operation

  • Always be sure of the size and type of valve required
  • Keep in mind the type of material required based on surrounding environmental conditions. 
  • Know the performance rate of the valve
  • Always know the maintenance requirement needed for the sustained utility of the valve.

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