Advantages of Spectacle Blind Flanges

Spectacle Blind Flanges

Flanges comprised of two metal discs joined in the middle by a steel segment are called spectacle flanges. Pipelines, valves, compressors, and other components of piping systems are typically linked by blind flanges.

Flanges are typically welded or thread-screwed together to connect them. The installation of flanges enables easy maintenance and repair of the pipe system. The flange can be connected to a pipeline at a specific point to make system strengthening, pipe cleaning, and simple inspection easier. Rather than removing the entire pipe for inspection, the flange can be used to inspect a smaller part to find the defect.

The term spectacle flange originates from the fact that they are shaped like a pair of glasses one used to read, sometimes called a spectacle.

Eyeglass flanges, also known as spectacle blind flanges, are most often used on pipe systems that must be split regularly or where continuous stops must be made at points within the pipe. Its flange is solid at one end, but it has a hole in the middle at the other end. Using the spectacle flange, the solid or hollow end of the pipe system may be positioned in the pipe system, so that the flow may be opened or closed.

Spectacle Blind Flanges have advantages:

Installation of spectacle flanges does not need welding.

Wide range of pressure tolerances in spectacle flanges.

Spectacle flanges are customizable according to their needs.

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