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Our company started off in 1981 with the objective of distributing quality stainless steel products across India and ever since then we’ve been offering the sales of quality stainless steel products to the great people of India. Our goal then was to turn out as a big steel & alloy manufacturing company with the capacity to export bulk steel piping products across the globe. Now, we’ve enlarged our coast to an extent of manufacturing & exporting varieties of steel & nickel based alloys products abroad in bulk & small quantities.
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We provide a wide variety of stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, duplex / super duplex steel, Nickel Based Alloys in Pipe fittings, Tube Fittings, Flanges and Fasteners. We are specialized in the manufacture and export of quality steel & alloy piping products.

We also export quality steel & alloys in Pipes, Tubes, Bars (Round/Hex), Sheets, Coils(HR/CR) in a variety of Steels, Stainless, High Carbon, Low Carbon, High Tensile, High Strength Steels & Nickel Based Alloys such as Alloy 600, 625, 800, 825, C-276, C-22, and more with Mill Test Certificates 3.1/3.2 of a variety of origins to Gulf Countries, Europe, Asia, Africa, and many Asian coountries. Basically we export in bulk to almost every part of the world. Steel Sales Company have really established its high level of competency in the mind of its customers with the vast number of quality products they’ve delivered. We are well known for the sales of high quality products at a very cost effective rate and super fast delivery. Don’t trust us? Send us an enquiry.



Express Delivery

Express Delivery

We understand the urgency of product requirement for Oil & Gas Industry & industrial breakdowns at various situations attenuating the project performance.

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